Meet Ingrid De La Mare -Kenny

Ingrid is an EMCC-EIA  licensed and certified holistic health & wellness  practioner specialized in Clinical Fitness, Physical Therapy & Hormonal Response Physiology, with extensive training  in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT). 
While Ingrid graduated from NYU Law School, the former ballerina never pursued a career in the legal field,  she followed her dreams and thrived in the Fashion Industry in NYC for over 16 Years. In 2012, Ingrid moved to Monaco and launched THE METHOD® THE BODY : her unique PILATES + CONTROLOGY™ Integration Protocol, and opened her first studio in Monaco.
She trained and conditioned professional athletes (including Tennis & Soccer champions). Ingrid also leads the professional certification of "THE METHOD® Master Instructors". She now consults with private clients & professionals as an EXPERT in Fitness & Hormonal Response Physiology. She also created THE VIRTUAL PLATFORM, a complete library of THE METHOD® work-out  master sessions. She also hosts group WorkShops and TRANSFORMATION Programs such as the YEARLY TRANSFORM RETREAT , for men and women of all walks of life & different fitness background. 
Ingrid is now involved in developing her brand of Transparent & pure natural holistic products an d remedies GANGSTER CHIC BRAND. She also continues to provide Performance & Conditionning training for several Professional Athletes in Tennis, Kite Surfing, MMA Fighting, soccer pros, Swimming Teams, and certifying professional fitness studio owners with license to teach THE METHOD®.
Ingrid's mission is to  expand the brand further thru THE METHOD® Certification Programs, which offers training & certification to Pilates Instructors, and Fitness Professionals & Partnerhsips / Franchising of THE METHOD®  Studios Worldwide. THE METHOD® Franchises are opening soon in Milan, London & Dubai.
Ingrid no longer takes clients for THE METHOD® Master Session, her Certified Master Instructors in Monaco are now available for private Sessions. 
Ingrid can be booked for A CONSULT OR MENTORSHIP sessions , Seminars, Public Speaking Engagements, Special Guest Appearances, Podcast, TV & Radio Interviews, Hosting special wellness events. Ingrid has succesfully treated patients suffering from Eating Disorders, Hormonal Imbalances, and gut  health issues, & anxiety related digestive or hormonal discomforts  under the  strict supervision of medical specialists & clinical psychologists. 
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Ingrid De La Mare - Kenny, the founder of THE METHOD® discovered The Joseph Pilates Original Method in 1999, attending workshops in both New York and Santa Monica, with Pilates Pioneer Mari Winsor & Ashtanga Guru Bryan Kest. Working in both the Fashion and Entertainment industry, with a fast pace lifestyle Ingrid elected Pilates as her work-out of choice. After more than 18 years of practice, she developed her own Pilates protocol, and patented 348 UNIQUE MOVEMENTS to respond to her own needs for challenge and growth. At age 27,  three pregnancies later, she found that her ability to transmit her knowledge from the mind to the body thru CONTROLOGY™ Integration,  using her CTM (Cognitive Behaviorial Therapy) to induce a congitive connection  between mind & physical functions enabling the body to reach extraordinary levels of execution. She tested it on others, to find her protocol could get anyone from age 14 to 70 to execute routines of an advanced level, skipping right thru beginners and intermediate levels, thus seeing FASTER than FAST results. THE METHOD® was born. 
Ingrid moved from New York to Monaco in 2012 whilst pursuing her career in Fashion  and  after years of transmitting her work-out knowledge to  family and friends, she realized THE METHOD® was a gift worth sharing. She opened THE METHOD® in Monaco. The Protocol rapidly became a success and gained notoriety with professional athletes &  fitness peers - Today, many fitness professionals and studios are getting certified and licensed to offer THE METHOD® Original Master Sessions around the world. 
Along with THE METHOD® fast rise to success, and incredible results came a genuine need to create a lifestyle for its avid followers & tribe. Thus, Ingrid created THE GANGSTER CHIC lifestyle and it's line of GANGSTER CHIC products  in alignment with her philosophy . The Synergy of THE FITNESS protocol & the Gangster Chic Lifestyle, turned into a WHIRLWIND  of SUCCESS STORIES, body transformations &
lives changed Forever.